Wedding Day Questionnaire

Now that you're officially booked, you can take a breather! Get a drink, grab a snack, and fill this out when you're ready! Try to fill it out as soon as possible before your wedding to give Kylianne time to memorize names! If it doesn't give you a "Thank you for submitting" message, please double check it and resubmit!

Someone other than Bride and Groom (i.e. Maid of Honor, Best Man, Mother of Bride, etc) who will be reachable on the wedding day

Please put the best time, or please put if you plan on feeding us at your luncheon that is great too! Either way is great! :) We work with YOUR schedule! :)

please note this is not a guarantee

Please type your wedding day timeline! A rough estimate is okay! :)

Please make sure to put your wedding colors here!