Let's Start Your Journey


Will you help us choose outfits?

Absolutely!! I have a online outfit style guide for you, completely free! It walks you through your choices, preparing your spouse, and even preparing kids! The guide is made for everyone, no matter your session. After looking through the guide, we can discuss more in depth about colors, styles, and everything in between!


How do I book? DO you offer payment plans?

After confirming your date and location, I will send over a contract to be signed. A 25% nonrefundable retainer fee is due upon signing. The other 75% of your shoot cost can be paid in increments or altogether at your discretion until 7 days (1 week) before our shoot, when full payment is due.


How many photos do I get?

I don't put an exact number on images you receive back. I guarantee 50 images per hour of shooting time.

*Please note, I will not give unedited images (raws) at any time, under any circumstance.*


AHhh I am So excited. When do I get my Photos back?

Delivery will depend on the type of session as each gallery is edited to perfection! All galleries are delivered online to your email.

~Portraits/Couples/Families are 2-4 weeks

~Weddings are 6-8 Weeks

Send me a message!

Anything else I need to know? :)